10 Things to Know About Yeezy Season 4

Ok, so it wasn’t Madison Square Garden, there was no new music and Anna Wintour didn’t get locked in a basement, but it was still pretty lit

1.Everyone that watched the live Tidal Stream can now draw the skyline of Manhattan with their eyes closed 

Like, we literally watched it for over an hour. 

2. There was a lot of beige but it was obviously genius 

Beige? Check. 

3. The Kardashians turned up fashionably late 

Also wearing beige. 

4. Some models may or may have not passed out due to the heat 

We’re not sure whether they were passing out or if it was part of the show. 

5. Most of the outfits looked like Kylie’s wardrobe anyway 

You’re not fooling us. 

6. The show was on the grounds of an island that once quarantined a plague. 

Kanye made all the celebs get the bus there. 

7. One model fell over, so they punished her by putting her in shoes that looked a bit like slippers. 

Poor girl. 

8. Sofia Richie wore a jacket that wasn’t beige 

It was yellow. 

9. We loved the clear plastic thigh-high boots 

We loved the condensation more. 

10. Kanye actually smiled.