We’re Launching Issue #8, and Here’s How You Can Get Involved

Let’s Evolve

As soon as we completed our BRICKS #7, The Rise Together issue, featuring more creatives and individuals than ever before and highlighting collective action, the world went into lockdown, learning to social-distance and work in isolation, away from our communities. The BRICKS team have been working remotely ever since – we haven’t sat together for around 8 weeks and had to invent new ways of producing content.

For this issue, we’re celebrating the creative community’s ability to adapt and evolve as well as our individual progression, before, during and beyond this current pandemic. How we have adapted and evolved since childhood, when we think we became our true selves and comfortable in our identity and sexuality, perhaps how we’ve accustomed in isolation, or maybe the risks we’ve taken to get to a better place, personally and/or professionally.

At BRICKS, we have always believed if you have a voice, use it. Now more than ever, we want to hear from you. We are casting for the portrait section of this issue and we are looking for exciting new talent who can speak about our issue theme from a unique perspective. If this is you and you would like to be featured in our next print issue, follow the guidelines below to send your application.

Guidelines for Portrait Section

  • Please send full Name (or how you’d like it to appear in print), age and location
  • 250 word personal essay on how you’ve adapted or evolved during your lifetime.
  • 3 final images, 300dpi and can print up to A4 in size
  • Portrait images only, not landscape (although one landscape is acceptable if we accept your submission and use it for socials) 
  • Photographs can be taken as self-portraits or shot by those you’re isolating with, please send over credits if other people were involved with your portrait.
  • No selfies. 
  • Phone images are acceptable, as long as the quality is in HD and will print above A4. 
  • In the subject, write “Name: Portrait Application BRICKS Issue 8”
  • Please also include social media handles
  • Send your application by June 1st to submissions@bricksmagazine.co.uk and we will be in touch on June 8th if successful.