Bimba Y Lola Launches Second Collaboration With APAMP 

The renowned Spanish fashion brand is celebrating the summer with ceramics created by members of the Association for Families of People with Cerebral Palsy.

WORDS Ryan Zaman

BIMBA Y LOLA is celebrating summer a little differently this year. Infamous for their fun quality accessories, relaxed silhouettes and cute, kitsch prints, the brand once again launches into ceramics through their continued partnership with non-profit APAMP. 

APAMP (Association for Families of People with Cerebral Palsy) is an organisation based in Spain which was originally established in 1977, with the aim of providing services to better integrate children with disabilities into mainstream education, ensuring that they had the adjustments that they needed so that the playing field was as level as possible, in order to have the best chances of fulfilling their full potential. This was in response to an external service provided in their local community, run by volunteers, which ceased operation. Within the space of 10 years, the Association was pivotal in the construction of three accessible classrooms built at a local school, ensuring enhanced inclusion for countless disabled school children. The Association also donated materials to the school.

Now, considering the lack of services overall for disabled people in the community, the Association continues with a deepened objective to show up for the disabled community through a comprehensive offering, catering to almost all of a family’s needs: a day centre, occupational centre, family rest service, residential housing service, residence with day care, supported employment, leisure, family care, sports and an adapted transport service.

It is through these services that 14 members of the APAMP have been able to create amazing pieces of artwork in the form of ceramics inspired by their vivid views of summer. From representations of the beach, shells and fish, to ice creams and snakes, the bright-coloured collection of vases definitely fits in well with the rest of BIMBA Y LOLA’s brand identity. 

The artistic vision of disabled people is being recognised by a fresh, tuned-in brand, which consciously chooses to use its fast-growing platform to spread meaningful messages.

Ryan Zaman

The significance of this continued collaboration is two-fold. First, 100% of proceeds are going straight back to APAMP, meaning the Association will receive much-needed funds to strengthen its great work in the community, continuing to make a tangible impact on the lives of those it enriches and supports. Secondly, and even more importantly in our eyes, the artistic vision of disabled people is being recognised by a fresh, tuned-in brand, which consciously chooses to use its fast-growing platform to spread meaningful messages. In turn, it proactively raises the profile and validity of disabled peoples’ boundless and often under-appreciated creativity to its vast audiences.

The project is once again supported by the multi-hyphenate PZ TODAY – Thailand-born and Paris-based creative, who has brought the initiative alive through a whimsical and joyful video campaign filmed on the beach, featuring a selection of the artists who made vases for the collection, interspersed with interview clips asking them about what summer means to them.

One thing is for sure: BIMBA Y LOLA LOVES SUMMER! And to be honest, with these vases, why on earth wouldn’t you?

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