Digital Copy of Issue #7, ‘The Rise Together Issue’



BRICKS #7, The Rise Together Issue

“You have to remember that you’re not just fighting for you, you’re fighting for those who can’t.” – Martha Gazzard, Youth Climate Activist

During the production of this issue, the BRICKS team were heartbroken. We’d lost our studio to luxury housing developers, making this issue extremely difficult to put together. We’d gone through a European and general election both with results we did not campaign for. A member of our community and one of our regular contributors was publically stoned for being visibly queer. Australia, California and the Amazon rainforest burned, the Flint water crisis hit 6 years, Iran pulled out of their 2015 nuclear agreement, and the increase in conflict in the first half of 2019 led to the displacement of more than 800,000 people inside Syria, and then military operations displaced another 200,000 people in October. Oh and we also left the European Union.

Amongst feeling deflated and hopeless about the future, we’ve never forgotten our aim as a publication; to provoke change and find hope. To celebrate those that together, and as individuals, empower. I started BRICKS 6 years ago to make myself feel better in a world I felt lost, alone and to be quite frank, scared to live in. Fast forward 7 issues, I, unfortunately, still feel those things, apart from feeling alone. BRICKS has become a community and a team of people that fight, we know there is no planet B. Our contributors’ campaign to change policies and work towards bringing down the systems that divide and marginalise us. In honour of that community, we present to you, ‘The Rise Together Issue’

In April 2019, I stumbled upon a video of youth activists blocking the road to Heathrow with a sign that read ‘Are we the last generation?‘ as dozens of police attempted to prevent them. ‘I am giving you one last opportunity to leave now, or you get arrested,’ a then 13-year-old student named Mia was told. I cried as I watched the youth activists stand their ground because I felt hope. They refused to move, claiming they didn’t know if they were more scared of facing arrest or for the future of our planet. Mia, along with eight other youth activists from the UK Student Climate Network, are now on our cover for this issue.

We also spoke to youth activist Mari Copeny, also known as her Instagram name Little Miss Flint, on her continued fight for raising awareness about the city’s ongoing water crisis and fundraising to support underprivileged children in her community. We spoke to Amy from Amyl & The Sniffers on the importance of being tough, Sasha Velour sat down with her friend Allie X to discuss the importance of friendship and creativity and MUNA opened up to us about saving the world as three queer women. For the first time ever, Adwoa Aboah’s GURLS TALK made their print debut, with their audience taking over 20 pages of our issue exploring what the term community means to them. 

We hope this issue brings you a much-needed dose of optimism like it did for us making it. 

– Tori West, Editor & Creator of BRICKS


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