The Design Duo Shaming Mass Production and Over Consumption Within Fashion

Berlin based designers Paula Aguirre and sister Mariángeles create sustainable DIY project tHERAPY.

Avoiding mass-production and over-consumption, design duo Paula and Mariángeles Aguirre developed tHERAPY — a sustainable brand promoting ethical, conscious fashion. Instead of purchasing new fabric, the girls re-work, customise and up-cycle vintage and secondhand pieces of clothing, materials, objects & accessories. 

Exploring the strict dress rules that were imposed to women in the 18th to 20th century, their latest capsule collection ‘Courtesans’ focuses on power, respect, freedom and the independence we should all have as individuals. “Courtesans created their own reality to be who they wanted to be, gaining freedom and independence in a time which would be unthinkable for most”. No new fabrics were purchased to create this collection, the girls easily demonstrate how you can re-work and up-cycle your old wardrobe. 

The aim of tHEARAPY is to create awareness about the urgent need to protect our planet.

This Sunday the pair are working alongside Germany’s ‘Fashion Revolution week’ to discuss the future of sustainable fashion and to support the campaign #whomademyclothes.