Half Measures Explore Function and Distortion for 2017

The label reimagine their essentials and demonstrate the fragility of freedom in a new campaign.

Form, function and distortion; Half Measures continue to do what they do best for their latest collection; blurring the lines between imperfection and handcrafted precision. Guided by their ethos of renewal and longevity, the label proceeds to take a multidisciplinary approach towards the creation of their leather goods, enhancing textures with complex layering and stitching techniques to create a final product with humanmade, carefully considered ‘organic’ faults. That’s what makes Half Measures’ leather goods so special; each piece has a unique characteristic and personality. 

The label’s new analogue campaign follows suit, captured on a rocky cliff edge amongst delicate fabric; they beautifully document the juxtaposition of natural and human-made texture. 

View the full collection online at halfmeasures.co, scroll down to view the campaign.

Photography James Whineray @james_whineray