Megan Winstone Shares Her Publication ‘Fenyw’ With Us Ahead of Publish Cardiff

Megan Winstone’s Fenyw (the word for ‘woman’ in Welsh) is a documentary series exploring various representations of womanhood. The photographs reflect the current zeitgeist characterised by explorations of female identity, femininity, sexuality and basically and exploration of your awkward teenage moments. “This generation of women have grown up with the Internet; this has had a profound effect on our mental stability regarding body image and acceptance. Being a woman is shit sometimes; we are still facing sexist remarks, struggling for equal pay and menstruation is treated as a taboo. Other than that bollocks, I love being a woman! Womanhood is a state of mind and a commitment to social action.”

Fenyw is available to purchase this weekend at our Publish Cardiff event. – – @meganwinstonephoto