Join Us in Supporting Mental Health Awareness

BRICKS launches a charity poster featuring the inspiring words of musician Rebecca Black and poetry collective 4 Brown Girls Who Write for Mental Health Awareness Week.

For many of us, mental health awareness week is more than an external battle against mental health misconceptions, it is a time where we are able to recognise that mental health is a common enemy, with every one in four of us experiencing it. Through the sharing of people’s personal journeys with mental health and shedding a light on the issue, we are able to normalise our lived experiences. We believe the most important thing to tackle mental health is a sense of community, having people around us who can support you in time of need is the most powerful tool you can have.

Only you can be the leader of your life. The things YOU do for YOU to make YOU happy are what really count towards your happiness and feelings of fulfilment.

Rebecca Black

This is why this year for mental health awareness week, we have commissioned two amazing artists, Lily Ellen Gale and Balraj Bains, to artwork quotes from two influential people in our community, Rebecca Black and 4 Brown Girls Who Write, in order to shed a light on mental health issues. 

You are made exactly as you are supposed to be. There is no part of you that is a mistake.

4 Brown Girls Who Write

The posters will be available to download from our online store, buy one for £6 each. All of the proceeds we will donate to Mind, a charity who provides advice and support for anyone suffering with mental health problems, as well as campaigning for improved services and raising awareness for mental health. 

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