Meet The Make-up Artist Bringing Anime to Life

BRICKS Beauty Editor Molly Sheridan speaks to Birmingham-based Saima Chowdhury about the inspiration behind her looks.

WORDS Molly Sheridan

What inspired you to start creating anime looks?

I had just finished watching the anime Demon Slayer and felt so inspired! The animation, character designs, colours and patterns had me itching to create so I tried doing a look inspired by Nezuko. It was my first anime look and my first step into cosplay, I had no idea if anyone would like it but I was overwhelmed by the support! 

Do you use specific makeup or just what you already have?

I use what I have! There are so many ways you can use your makeup if you just experiment – I used to play by the rules before but now I’m here crushing eye shadows and making my own colours and paints! I know it can be daunting at first (I was so sad when I crushed up my first colourful palette) but I thought what’s the point in having all these palettes if I can’t enjoy them properly! So now I just go for it.

Which is your favourite so far?

My faves are Mina Ashido and Dabi! Painting my face is always the most fun because it feels like a transformation!

We love how you incorporate your hijab into your fantasy make ups, what advice do you have for people who want to do the same?

Experiment! Try it all! Cosplay was something I always wanted to try but was too scared that I wouldn’t be able to make it work with my hijab. But once I actually tried it and experimented with it I fell in love.

What is your set up for tutorials and where can we find them?

For my videos I try to keep the set up simple! So it’s just me with a camera, light and a table full of makeup! You can find my tutorials at aimastyleslike

Other than anime, where else do you find inspiration?

I read a lot of manga and love Avatar The Last Airbender so I get a lot of my inspiration from there! I’ve also recently been getting some inspiration from album art and paintings.

Your stories on finding the perfect period cup were informative and hilarious! How do you balance creating beauty and health content?

Aha I’m glad you enjoyed those! I think the trick is to keep it open and personal, I’m always posting and talking to my followers online so it’s like a conversation! Sometimes beauty comes up and sometimes health comes up – I try to go with the flow!

We’ve just discovered your podcast, how did that come about?

I’d been listening to podcasts for a while and I thought to myself “how funny would it be if we started one?” so I suggested it to one of my best friends when we were filming a youtube video and she said yes! After that I roped my other best friend into it and now it’s how we spend our weekends.

When did you get into blogging and where has that taken you so far?

I started blogging in 2010 and it’s been a wild ride ever since! Through blogging I’ve met some of my closest friends, I’ve learnt and experienced things I never dreamed I would and I’ve even had the chance to be on television. Honestly it’s crazy how the silly videos I posted at 16 years old would bring me here!

Do you have any lockdown looks planned?

I’m planning to experiment more with my anime looks and dive more into cosplay! I love sewing so soon I’ll be sharing some handmade cosplays along with my makeup looks!