Halloween Beauty: Our Favourite Online Looks

If 2020 hasn't scared you enough already...

Unfortunately this year, many of us across the globe will spend Halloween at home (or under a strict 10 PM curfew). So, in order to soften the blow, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Halloween beauty looks on TikTok and Instagram so you can still slay at home from guts and glory to glamourous movie creations. Brushes at the ready!


Firs up is surrealist makeup artist Petite Doll’s eye popping look!

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👁 🏓

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Clowning around with Betty Traore’s cute “PMS clown” 🤡


Just when you thought the Beetlejuice look had already been mastered, over on TikTok makeup artist Tenisha Billington proved us wrong.


Giving us serious goosebumps.

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Ok, perhaps not the scariest halloween look, but we’re so here for this hand-painted Louis Vuitton face mask makeup exuding glam Real Housewives energy!


This spooky spider hair inspiration makes us want a buzz cut!


Baylee Madison’s otherworldly Corpse Bride beauty look complete with butterflies.


A killer clown from outter space and a Voodoo doll, not particularly for the faint hearted.


Caught in another spiderweb with Frank Simkins.


A nightmare before Christmas, MUA Marissa recreates Sally.


Tijera Fleming’s sparkly spiderweb 🕷


Spooky SFX hands if face makeup alone doesn’t suffice. If you’re looking for more surreal creative Halloween make-up looks, check out Ellie’s Instagram account.

We wanna see your Halloween beauty looks! Tag @bricks_magazine so we don’t miss them!

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