Meet the Creator Alumni of Instagram’s #Reelself Sessions

To launch Reels, Instagram partnered with BRICKS to select creators to join their exclusive three-day virtual programme.

How would you express your #ReelSelf? As part of Instagram’s latest online campaign to launch Reels — our new favourite way to create and discover short inspirational videos — the app partnered with BRICKS and eleven influential creators. Joining the likes of designer Maya Scarlette, activist Amika George and London-based hairstylist keashldn, we encouraged our audiences to share their #ReelSelf for a chance to be discovered and earn a spot on Instagram’s exclusive three-day virtual event for young creators to learn, grown and express their creativity.

With only 150 spaces available, creators were selected to attend the #ReelSelf Sessions by being discovered through the #ReelSelf hashtag. The sessions, which were series of virtual events and inspirational talks by IG team members and industry experts were designed so attendees could learn to grow their platform. Those selected joined mindfulness sessions, discovered how to grow their audiences and joined important conversations and panel discussions to understand the values of making content that matters.

As well as BRICKS helping to select the budding content creators to join the sessions, our Editor, Tori West hosted a special workshop on how to use Instagram as a tool for change, alongside guests and regular collaborators, Lamisa of Muslim Sisterhood and model and BRICKS member, Curvy Nyome.

“What I most like to create is educational, empowering and inspiring content around business, entrepreneurship, confidence, mental health, diversity and public speaking,” says Sonya Barlow, a creative selected by us to join the #Reelelf sessions. Sharing what she finds most useful from the campaign… “Learning from experts, connecting with other people and growing my personal brand.”

Here are five of the incredible creators we discovered during the campaign.

Sonya Barlow @sonyabarlowuk

The Founder of LMF network & Ted Speaker 

Wilfred Cisse @wilfredcisse 

Musician & self-declared general creative

Teo @teoxnagy 

Bristol-based Makeup and Beauty Artist

May/Tahmina @Maytahmi 

Beauty Artist

Dani Dawks @itsdanidawks 

Designer of wearable reworked garments 

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