The New Sounds From Brazil You Should Be Listening to Now

BRICKS contributor Ode curates a mix from musicians sonically redefining Brazilian stereotypes.

IMAGE Courtesy of Urias

In collaboration with our previously published feature on the fashion brands redefining Brazil’s image, São Paulo-based stylist, writer and independent curator Ode has created a playlist featuring emerging talents stipulating the same revolution across Brazil via their music. From Ventura Profana – one of the most important names in contemporary art, whose practice sees her research the implications and methodologies of Deuteronomy in Brazil through the diffusion of Neopentecostal churches, while also performing as a missionary pastor and Evangelist singer – to Mateus Fazeno Rock, a young musician from the city of Fortaleza who coined the term “rock de favela” and former Banda UÓ member Mel, here are the new sounds of Brazil that you should be listening to, asap.

Urias – Racha 

Ventura Profana, podeserdesligado – Resplandecente 

Daniel Tupy – Bem 

Mafius – Estocolmo 

Joaquim Ramalho, Malena Stefano – O Recomeço 

Marrakesh – Prove Me Wrong 

Mateus Fazeno Rock, Caiô – Aquela Ultraviolência 

RHR – Colapso 

Edgar – Print 

MEL – A Partir de Hoje 

Uma Luiza Pessoa – Fada Negra 

Pininga – Sangue de Lama 

Zopelar – Brasilidade 

Isis Broken – O Clã 

Afreekassia – Fazer Dinheiro 

Or listen to the playlist on Spotify below:

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