Bella Blu Presents an Immersive Alternate Reality Featuring Chi Virgo and Flesh

For our latest fashion editorial submission, photographer Bella Blu reimagines sci-fi narratives in fashion for 2021.

STYLING Luca Wowczyna
ASSISTANTS Oliver Bell & Lingani Noah
MODELS & MUAS Chi Virgo & Flesh
CLOTHING: Chet Lo & Nazifa Begum

The images explore the role of escapism and hope for the future in 2020. Chi Virgo and Flesh enter into an adventure within an imagined blue landscape, with garments from emerging London- based designers Chet Lo and Nazifa Begum. Bella takes influences from Space Age aesthetics, y2k futurism and 80s high fashion campaigns, reimagining futuristic imagery to create a contemporary version of sci-fi narratives within fashion as we enter into 2021.

Bella Blu

All outfits by Chet Lo & Nazifa Begum

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