Queer Love in Lockdown

Photographer Mijal documents four couples in lockdown across Europe for BRICKS #8 The Let's Evolve Issue.


This article originally appeared in ‘The Let’s Evolve’ issue of BRICKS, available to purchase from our online store.


Edu & Blanca

One of our dreams for 2021 is moving in together, hopefully, thanks to our artistic careers. But also, there’s the common dream of going back to our skins and becoming tangible and huggable and kissable again – that’s something we really miss since distancing has officially become our social reality.  

Rose & Kelly

“But, I do not think it is valid to ask about their goals to those who have not even determined the path, just as I do not think that such a question is correct for people who, due to the constant obstacles they have suffered, have altered their perception of the future. I think that after this circumstance that has conditioned us all (some more than others), the desire to reach a goal must be the least of it. Hopes have to go beyond wanting to have a job or feeding the vital needs. I think that first of all we have to learn to strengthen ourselves so that the path to find ourselves becomes lighter, and so that for each bump that makes us stumble, it does not make us fall lower.”  

I just want this year to be better. I want to be stable — emotionally, financially and physically. I want to feel better. I feel like I need a deep cleansing after all of this messy year, you know? 

Pau & Ken

“At this point in time, we are not permitting ourselves to hope beyond emotional and financial stability – neither of which we currently have. We are proud that we had the courage to buy an old motorcycle as a ‘mental health luxury item.’ It gives us the illusion of total self-determination in the sense that we are able to change location freely. To us, it’s almost absurd how important this token of agency has become. This contrasts with the newest member of our household – Nattō the cat, who did wonders to our domestic wellbeing in the brief time he spent with us.” 

We hope the seeds we laid in 2020 will continue to grow and that we will be able to carry this growth back into our surroundings.


“It’s been a really tough year. 2021 has to be better, but for that, we need to be more responsible. We have to use our voice and educate ourselves every day about what’s going. The best tool to interact with people is social media. It’s really important to share the right message and avoid toxic environments. For 2021 we want more love, more tolerance, more awareness. Our planet is suffering, let’s take care of it and change our habits.”


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