Watch Ashnikko Defeat The Kraken in New Music Video ‘Deal With It’

Teasing her upcoming mixtape release on Friday, Ashnikko returns with a monstrous music video by Charlotte Rutherford.

IMAGE By Vasso Vu

Already taking 2021 by storm, Ashnikko is back with a new video release for her latest single, ‘Deal With It’. Featuring Kelis’ iconic ‘Caught Out There’, ‘Deal With It’ is an empowering anthem featuring Ashnikko’s signature sexually-liberated lyrics as she celebrates getting over an ex. [It’s] my tentacle break-up fantasy brought to life, and having a sample of Kelis’ ‘Caught Out There’ is an actual dream come true. My childhood musical hero,she gushes.

The music video sees Ashnikko at sea, captured by frequent collaborator Charlotte Rutherford. As she fights the infamous sea monster – known for luring in and terrorising nearby sailors – we see her reveal herself as the fearsome Kraken herself, tentacle nipples and all. The monster eventually engulfs her ship, slaying the sailor Ashnikko while her monstrous alter-ego prevails.

In conjunction with today’s video release, Paige Piskin has recreated the Ashnikko Sea Monster as an Instagram filter.

Artwork for ‘Deal With It’

In addition to the video release, Ashnikko has announced she’s bringing forward the release date of her greatly anticipated mixtape DEMIDEVIL, which will now be available to buy or stream on the 15th January. This comes after she released a statement on Instagram explaining her mixtape preorders were posted early to fans in error. She explains, “I honestly don’t think it’s fair that you all don’t get to hear the music at the same time and enjoy it together,” and so she’s brought the release forward for fans to share in the listening experience.

While we’re gutted for Ash that her mixtape release has had to change, we’re thrilled we can hear the mixtape soon.

To explore Ashnikko’s nautical world, watch the new music video below, and check out our cover interview with Ashnikko from our #7 ‘The Rise Together’ issue online now.

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