Katherine Scarlett’s Candy-Coloured Concept Rings Are Serving Nineties Nostalgia

For this week's Handmade at Home series, we're spotlighting independent jewellery designer, Katherine Scarlett.

Welcome to BRICKS’ new Handmade at Home series, our new weekly feature highlighting sustainable creators and small businesses currently working from home in lockdown. We know this year has been especially tough for independent creatives, so whether it’s a small business venture or an artistic quarantine project, we’ll be meeting a new creative each week to discuss their DIY creations.

Image via Katherine Scarlett

Hey Katherine, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your jewellery?

Well, I’m 24, grew up in a small town in the South-East about an hour from London. You could call it quite quaint really. I guess my jewellery is, on the other hand, the complete opposite of quaint. Which, I love in every aspect of the matter! I suppose I’ve always made little sculptures throughout my life – either selling small clay creations at a car boot or making bespoke silver rings with wax carving techniques.

My jewellery is something that grows with me and my interests, I love the challenge of blending different materials together to make the customer think about their purchase, for example, the Katherinescarlett resin ring stacks will have a multitude of cast objects in, for the wearer to investigate and wear all at once – it makes it more than just an exchange of good or service.At the moment, I am developing Project Balls – a collaborative, on-going art project with customers. I wanna celebrate and showcase everyone who buys from me, their art & personal craft too.

What inspired you to start your own brand?

I think with everyone it’s the ideal scenario, working for yourself, doing the practice or craft you love. Naturally, I feel very humbled to have got to this point where it can be my main focus, but essentially I wanted to make my own mark and tell my own story for others to resonate with. It’s funny, the names of the rings have the most meaning – and for that to inspire a feeling for someone else is pretty awesome.

Where do you take inspiration?

This is pretty much from everywhere. I like to merge my inspirations from society, politics, past memories, emotions and even frustrations. The amount of time my jewellery pieces have been reworked or refinished to fit that current emotion is quite frequent, it’s playful and dark, lighthearted and inquisitively gross all at once – kind of like how society is.

Can you please describe your process for making your pieces?

Processes are different between each individual, my techniques use various quirks in finishing processes across mediums with Silver, Stones, Resin & Polymer Clay. The multitude of mediums keeps me engaged with the endless possibilities in creating the tiniest of wearable sculptures! What I will say is the opportunity is here now more than ever to experiment, create and sell in response to growing internet trends, lockdowns and your own creativity. It is how you set yourself aside from everyone else doing the same thing that allows for your artistic community to flourish

Where can we find you?

You can follow me on Instagram at katherinescarlettdesign or check out my website here.

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