Listen To The Tracks Inspiring Us Through April

Listen to the new tracks added to our BRICKS ‘Best New in Music’ playlist that we’ll be playing on repeat this month.

‘HOT HOT’ by Bree Runway

Imagine yourself driving droptop this summer, your hair blowing while jamming to the latest single ‘HOT HOT’ by Bree Runway – something to look forward to. This blazing hot tune is giving all kinds of 2000s vibes alongside a catchy chorus, heavy beats and confident lyrics. Still playing last year’s debut mixtape 2000AND4EVA on repeat, this new track is a continuation of the London-born singer’s love for Y2K melodies and aesthetics while she’s also solidifying her signature style in music. While we anticipate a release from lockdown, an infectious melody that gets you moving and grooving is all we need to prepare for this hot hot girl summer. 

‘Down’ by JGrrey 

For her first release of the year, JGrrey drops ‘Down’ –  a groovy, jazz-influenced song about self-emancipation and fearlessness. Against a backdrop of old school hip-hop beats à la Wu Tang Clan, the lyrics follow a path of “finding calm in the chaos of freedom”. When the chorus hits, the singer breaks into a melodious chant of “Whatever it is / you know that I’m down” backed by an echoing choir. Equally wavey is the music video giving retro vibes and showing grainy visuals of the songstress who also co-directed the clip alongside JAW. For its encouraging message about self-confidence and sing-along quality chorus we will be playing the repeat button all April long. 

‘Last Day on Earth’ by Beabadoobee

Throughout months of self-isolation, we’ve all painfully reminisced about our pre-Covid lifes and wished for one more day of carelessness – so did Beabadoobee who channelled her thoughts into her latest song ‘Last Day on Earth’. The bedroom pop songstress imagines a night of carefree fun against a backdrop of dreamy melodies and wallowing background vocals. Co-written by Matty Healy and George Daniel of The 1975, the track gives a glimpse of the 20-year-old singer’s upcoming EP Our Extended Play that’s due to come out this spring. With our regained freedom looming, we’ll jam to ‘Last Day on Earth’ in anticipation of spending our nights equally as wild as the young artist’s imagination. 

‘It’s Not My Fault’ by Princess Nokia 

A feisty and snappy attitude emanates from the newest release ‘It’s Not My Fault’ by New York City-based rapper Princess Nokia. Our BRICKS Voices Digital Coverstar has dropped another banger with a catchy chorus worthy of a viral TikTok sound with lyrics like “It’s not my fault that I’m that bitch / so talk that shit cause I’m still rich”. With the accompanying music video, the Puerto Rican-American rapper wants to pay homage to her idol Jennifer Lopez and her song ‘If You Had My Love’ by doing a side-by-side interpretation of the late 90s hit. Read more about the artist’s inspiration for the song in our VOICES cover story.

‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ by Lil Nas X  

No stranger to making headlines, Lil Nas X dropped his highly anticipated single ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ to a much divided audience of bitter critics and blown away stans. We naturally side with the latter and love the fiery tune for its summery beat, daring lyrics and catchy chorus. Already debuting at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, the song has certainly caused an uproar on social media sites for its provocative music video features the rapper pole-dancing down towards hell and twerking on the devil himself. While the clip’s symbolism was torn apart and online hysteria was raging we stan a queer Black rapper/singer who isn’t afraid to be himself and crush typically heteronormative hip-hop standards. 

‘JENN!FER ANN!STON’ by Evann McIntosh 

Beautifully sung and emotionally worded, Evann McIntosh will tear at your heartstrings with their newest song ‘JENN!IFER ANN!STON’. The 17-year-old singer openly expresses their relentless pursuit of a person and a feeling but eventually facing an unreciprocated reaction. A slow and minimal alt-R&B production and serenading melodies back the emerging artist’s soft but heavyhearted vocals alluding to a young Billie Eilish’ candour. Painful yet tender, the track will provide us comfort when feeling blue throughout April. 

‘Through The Eye’ by Rachel Chinouriri 

Transcending into another world best describes the listening experience to ‘Through The Eye’ – the most recent single from emerging London-born artist Rachel Chinouriri. After already releasing three different singles in anticipation of her upcoming EP Four° In Winter dropping on 23 April, the latest track is a sensation of heavy production, dreamy harmonies and languishing vocals. It seems the songstress wants to tell a story through the song’s dynamic pace and her heavenly sounding voice. When in need of a mesmerising escape from daily life, close your eyes and dive into ‘Through The Eye’ on repeat. 

‘Purple Hearts’ by lordkez

‘Purple Hearts’ is the newest single from emerging South African artist lordkez which harmoniously blends contemporary R&B with the singer’s own take on hyperpop. Backed by a slow and sweet-sounding melody, the songstress’ witty lyrics guide her through the back-and-forth of texting and suddenly missing the attention someone you weren’t interested in gave you before and isn’t anymore. Relatable much? Anticipating her upcoming EP Juicebox on 30 April, lordkez’ song-writing talent and captivating voice in ‘Purple Hearts’ guarantee a promising future for the young artist. 

‘Haunted House’ by Holly Humberstone 

A captivating tale of home, family and a sense of belonging, ‘Haunted House’ by breakthrough artist Holly Humberstone is a song about the crumbling, haunted façade of her childhood home. Through understanding the art of storytelling, the young singer continuously imagines new worlds and explores themes close to her in beautifully candid and personal songs. ‘Haunted House’ is guided by a slow piano melody and soft vocals which beautifully compliment her vulnerability. After spending a whirlwind two years on global stages and charts, we’re excited for the song-writer’s second EP later this year. 


NYC collective MICHELLE has teamed up with all-female Japanese group CHAI for a brand-new take on the New York natives’ latest single ‘FYO’. Remixing the original released back in January, the song charts the experiences MICHELLE members had growing up with mixed-race identities. In CHAI’s remix, the punk four-piece add their own verse expressing similar emotions with lyrics “Being myself / is sometimes a bit heavy / The world doesn’t fit me / Will I not change tomorrow?”. “CHAI’s rework of FYO breathes new life and sound into what it means to grow up in a certain state of limbo. To connect audiences and languages across the world in this way, to this particular track, means a lot to us as a band and we hope for our listeners too,” says MICHELLE.

‘Toast With The Butter’ by Blu DeTiger

Blue DeTiger grew to TikTok fame with her bass guitar right by her side. This month DeTiger released seven funk-filled tracks on her first EP How Did We Get Here? The groovy sound of her bass guitar would make anyone get up and dance, making “Toast with the Butter” the perfect song to start the day off to. After all, who doesn’t want to have a dance party while you’re having “coffee in the mornin’ and toast with the butter?”

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