This Month in Fashion: Physical Fashion Week Returns, Halston Miniseries Drops, Eurovision’s Best Fashion Moments & More

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Dior stands by Bella Hadid after pro-Palestine protest 

After rumours had surfaced about luxury conglomerate Dior Beauty cutting ties with Bella Hadid, several anonymous sources from the LVMH Group have confirmed the French brand is standing by the supermodel. The gossip first emerged through a viral TikTok video claiming that Dior Beauty ended their contract with the half-Palestinian model after she had advocated for human rights. While the latest violent attacks took place, Hadid showed solidarity with Palestinian people and their liberation, sharing information online and attending a pro-Palestine protest.

Leading luxury brands have long bowed out of commenting on contentious political topics – and in this instance, Dior has continued to remain ‘neutral’ and is yet to make an official statement (although comments were provided to Diet Prada) – it speaks to the shifting landscape in the fashion industry when global corporations let spokespeople address important and formerly taboo issues. 

Miss Myanmar speaks out against political violence at beauty pageant 

The past years have seen international beauty pageants become more and more political with several contestants steering the audience’s attention towards issues taking place in their home countries. At this year’s Miss Universe pageant Thuzar Wint Lwin, the contestant representing Myanmar, has made a powerful statement condemning the violence performed by the brutal army of her home country. To show her support Miss Myanmar walked the stage holding a banner saying “Pray for Myanmar” clad in a traditional dress of the Chin ethnic minority which won her the prize for Best National Costume. The violence in Myanmar began in February when the military seized control of the government and now still aggressively crushes any protest by civilians opposing the coup. The message sent by Thuzar Wint Lwin has been received with much gratitude by government officials who thank her for her bravery in the face of oppression.


Netflix drops Halston miniseries 

After much excitement from the fashion community, Netflix has dropped the new Halston miniseries. A five-episode biopic of the late designer shows the life and work, the ups and downs and the tremendous influence of the American icon. Filled with extravagant fashion, dramatic scenes and racy nights at Studio 54 – the series portrays all the glamour you would expect from Halston’s legacy. While true fashion lovers will know the value and impact of Halston’s work, the general public might not remember the genius behind the eponymous brand. However, Halston and the extraordinary performance of Ewan McGregor as the legendary designer might have changed that. Who would have thought it would take a Netflix Original to put the almost-forgotten icon back on the fashion radar? In fact, Lyst’s Data Drop reports that just two weeks after the Netflix premiere, there was a 550% spike in searches for Halston pieces with a focus on the famed halter-neck dresses. Whether you’re familiar with his work or simply curious – Halston is worth a binge!  

Eurovision 2021: Best fashion moments 

A household tradition in European culture, the Eurovision Song Contest is legendary for its national diversity, star power, and entertaining performances. But it’s not just the dozens of songbirds that wow us yearly. From a fashion lens, the contest has proven to be an extravaganza of campy looks, sequins and glitters and norm-breaking fashion statements. This year’s winner, the Italian band Måneskin, has not only stunned us with their winning hit “ZITTI E BUONI” but brought back glam rock with their studded leather jackets and laced-up flared ensembles. The sparkle was contributed by the female contestants from Albania, Cyprus, Moldova and Malta who took the stage in silver fringes and cascading crystals. Our favourite however is Norway’s Tix who paraded his white fur and feathered angel wings while fittingly belting his song “Fallen Angel”. Eurovision has quickly become our favourite music-meets-fashion event of the year putting other award shows to shame. 

Pyer Moss set to debut at Paris Haute Couture 

These latest fashion news mark history as the Creative Director Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss becomes the first Black American designer to show at Paris Haute Couture. Founded in 2013, the label has continuously redefined what it means to be a luxury brand nowadays and has never failed to give back to the community and start initiatives for the next generation of creative talent. A winner of the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Award, Jean-Raymond has previously made autonomous decisions when it comes to collection drops and the NYFW calendar. However, this year the trailblazing designer not only plans to return to his New York domain in September but debut at Paris Haute Couture in July as part of the 2021/2022 Fall/Winter schedule. 

Jean Paul Gaultier returns to ready-to-wear 

The iconic fashion house is returning to ready-to-wear with a signature sailor-themed collection and under the helm of a new Creative Director, Florence Tétier. Earlier in May, the fashion house had posted a dubious “The End” on Instagram and left fans speculating about the future of the brand. Thankfully, a new era is beginning and even without the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier at the head of the team, Tétier promises to delve into the archives and pay homage to the original striped pieces of the 90s. The unisex capsule collection also features “creatively outrageous pieces” from five different designers who collaborated on ‘Les Marins’. From Ottolinger to Palomo Spain, emerging fashion talent were given the chance to tap into the mysticism of the brand and bring back the true sailor spirit of JPG’s prêt-à-porter. 

London Fashion Week blends digital with physical 

The liberation from lockdown has brought about the end of many things that were born in isolation – less Zoom calls, more in-person meetings, less online shopping, more physical retail therapy. When it comes to fashion shows we have had to adapt to a mainly digital schedule. However, is that about to change again? The British Fashion Council has announced that a number of physical events will take place in June during London Fashion Week with more in-person showcases to return in September. We knew that a digital-only fashion month was far from becoming a reality with most luxury brands preferring a traditional, guest-studded show. Still, a shift is evident as the label Auroboros is invited to show its virtual collection at LFW in June making it the first digital ready-to-wear brand to participate at fashion week. With the upcoming Fall season, we can most likely expect a steady return to physical fashion shows – from now on heavily influenced by our shared experience with virtual connection.

Art School is called out by former models

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