LUNCH Concept Store Serves Up Delicious New Collection

The season-less, slow-fashion concept store based in Glasgow shares its latest release featuring Amber W Smith, Rosie MacDougall, Studio Preta and more, exclusively for BRICKS.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic greatly affected our shopping habits – brick and mortar stores shut their doors for months on end causing even further damage to the UK’s withering highstreets, while online searches for sustainable loungewear sets skyrocketed. From heightened expectations around delivery to a preference for local brands, we’ve spent the past 18-months adjusting our consumption habits to accommodate our increasingly introverted, digitally demanding lifestyles.

For LUNCH founders Bethany Grace and Tamara Turnbull, as the pair spent hours chatting on the phone during the first lockdown, they recognised the lack of opportunities for young and independent designers in Scotland to reach a global platform. Having previously partnered on creative projects, the duo wasted no time in making their dreams a reality.

Having launched in October 2020, the online concept store and design platform garnered favour quickly online thanks to its distinctive styling and unique array of global, independent creators. Moving away from the traditionally rigid ‘seasons’, LUNCH promotes slow and sustainable style, featuring designers who offer made-to-order or small batch production pieces.

For its latest collection launch, LUNCH welcome two new names to its roster – American silk designer Amber W Smith, whose intricately woven garments are created producing zero-waste, and Glasgow School of Art student Rosie MacDougall, whose deconstructed knitwear pieces are exclusively stocked with LUNCH.

The latest collection also highlights the talent of Black-owned Studio Preta, creating timeless monochromatic designs that play with size and silhouette for an androgynous result. Precious metals can also be ethical, as told by H2ERG, who uses recycled sterling silver to create hypnotising organic fluidity across each piece of jewellery.

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