LFW: Yuhan Wang’s Romantic Collection Is a Celebration of Female Strength

For her latest collection, Yuhan Wang was inspired by tales of female warriors to depict an enchanting collection highlighting female emancipation and mental strength.

Fairy tales often came at the expense of a woman’s vulnerability – however, Yuhan Wang’s idea of femininity and romanticism sees women owning their strength, their bodies, and their emotions. The ethereal collection was shown in Central London, inside the new NewGen TikTok Space, and exhibits Wang’s views on female power and confidence. Simultaneously, the Chinese designer aims to highlight the daily threats posed to women’s safety and emphasises the importance of gender equality. 

“The collection is about women’s power, mentally as well. We are stronger minded than many men,” said Wang. Her powerful views were realised in poised and delicately arranged looks which despite their dainty nature held a certain roughness and valour. These subtle hints at female bravery and resistance were visualised through scalloped edges on frilly blouses, gored skirts, and raw edge corsets. 

In signature fashion, Wang showed ruched dresses and romantic motifs combined with holsters bags and guillotine toe flat lace shoes, adding a defiant edge to her classic dreamy garments. With a colour palette of fresh blues, pea green and white adorning recycled cotton embroidered lace garments, the collection was crisp and well-rounded. For inspiration, the designer explored themes of female courage in history including valiant American ranchers and Victorian adventurers. 

A dazing atmosphere drifted through the showroom emitting from the delicately clad models roaming along the catwalk while soft vocals by singer Talia Goddess, on top of thundering bass, were playing in the background. Fleeting images of thick green forests were looping on big screens all around the show location which fully immersed the audience in Wang’s world of folklore notions.

Besides her cottage-core undertones, the Central Saint Martins graduate attributes political connotations to her collection. Wang, along with many woman in the UK, was distraught after the despicable kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard in March 2021 and was subsequently even more touched by Jess Phillips, Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, who stated how “killed women are not vanishingly rare, killed women are common”. Aggravated and distressed, the designer turned her anger regarding women’s perilous place in society into beautiful, empowering pieces. 

In a world where women’s strength is often undermined, our bodies scrutinised, our minds repressed and our safety at risk ­– Yuhan Wang chose to stand above those facts and face a way forward towards women’s liberation and peace.

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