UGG and Telfar Are Back Just in Time for Winter

The second drop of the UGG x Telfar collaboration collection is finally here.

WORDS Megan Bowles

The infamous UGG x Telfar collaboration is back! The collection covers your apparel, accessories and of course footwear needs with the casual cosiness of UGG and the famous Telfar branding. Clemens announced yesterday via his Instagram, @telfarglobal, that he thought ‘bags will probably sell out fast!’ – and if there is any pattern from previous Telfar bag drops, he will be right. The brand has built a reputation for selling out their bags within minutes, not because the drop is particularly exclusive or limited, but because of the community built around the Telfar brand. Stemming from NYC in 2005, Telfar’s strapline is ‘it’s not for you – it’s for everyone.’

The brand breaks down the traditional exclusivity (or the ‘you’re not part of the club’) trope of luxury fashion and provides its customers with not just a product, but a community. Comparable to that of Palace, Off-White and the other cult streetwear brands, the upcoming drop today (though it only reaches selected UGG stores by the 18th of October) cements the further rise of Telfar’s legacy as the ‘It-brand’ of our generation. The UGG x Telfar shopper bag features UGG’s iconic shearling material and beige/caramel colour pallet and perfectly complements the other cosy collaboration’s products, like the oversized shearling coat and hoodie. Mini-boot or the classic full-sized model, this collection has you covered just in time for bundling up for winter in style. As V Magazine said, ‘you’ll never want to take it off’.

Extending from the classic UGG colours, the collection also comes in black and grey – we particularly love the slouchy knee-high grey boots that just exude the cool, laidback energy of Telfar, Fashions best-loved unisex brand.

Shop the styles released today, October the 14th, exclusively on or

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