Jacquemus Hints at a Beauty and Fragrance Launch

Minimalists sit down, we have big news (maybe).

WORDS Megan Bowles

Instagram’s favourite romantic, Simon Porte Jacquemus, is rumoured to be branching into beauty.

If this possible release follows the brand’s previous trends of completely breaking the internet, we can’t wait! The Fashion community was captivated by Jacquemus’ SS21 runway, which took place in the barley fields of the Vexin National National Park, just outside of Paris. Featuring colour blocking, lofty linens, woven fabrics and neutral tones, the collection is the epitome of redefined minimalism and this new era of romanticism that Jacquemus has patroned. 

Simon’s collections give a sense of an ever-lasting summer, his current IG bio reading “I LOVE BLUE AND WHITE, STRIPES, SUN, FRUIT, LIFE, POETRY, MARSEILLE AND THE 80S.” – can we expect the same themes from his rumoured beauty launch? A Milk Makeup-style less is more approach to beauty? A sun-kissed collection with creamy blushes?

Though we have very few details about the possible launch, it has been suggested that the designer has made a production deal with Puig, a ‘third-generation family-owned fashion and fragrance business based in Barcelona’. The starting point we therefore assume is in fragrance – an expected move from the brand that has already developed a distinctive image around those now-famed lavender fields of his spring 2020 collection. Perhaps we can expect the upcoming fragrance to be the ambience to ‘a movie of a summer day’, as Jacquemus has previously described collections. 

If we know anything about the brand, we know it is the shining jewel of simplicity done well. First clothing, now fragrance and beauty, but what next? We predict that this new move is the first of many, as Jacquemus evolves from a design house to a cult lifestyle brand. Due to the brand’s Instagram presence and his use of the it-girl supermodels like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner and Anok Yai, the community around Jacquemus’ name is already there – we will just have to wait until the beginning of next year to see how Jacquemus navigates this new route. 

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