Curve Models Walk for Gucci for the First Time

The tide is changing at Gucci.

WORDS Megan Bowles

Gucci’s most recent runway show marked a major moment in the Fashion house’s history as curve models walked the runway for the first time.

The show, Love Parade, marked 100 years since Gucci’s inception in 1921 and sends a powerful message about the future of the brand and, we hope, the industry as a whole. Amongst the 115 models to walk the runway, Tess McMillan trail blazed as the first plus-size model to walk for Gucci. Her stunning look featured a pink satin strappy midi-dress and lace-up black gloves, complemented with matching satin shoes.

Following in the footsteps of Dua Lipa walking for Versace, Gucci’s centenary show also featured some celebs that embody the Gucci style. The star-studded cast included Macaulay Culkin, Steve Lacy and our issue 9 cover star, Phoebe Bridgers, who wowed in a gothic-inspired trench and snakeskin boots. The runway was appropriately situated on the Hollywood Boulevard, giving an old-LA feel to the historic show, which shut down a few blocks of the area.

Although featuring curve models is a milestone for Gucci and is of course a welcome change, arguably the house is behind. Better late than never I suppose!

Check out Gucci’s Love Parade show here.

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