Inter_view: The New DIY Podcast Celebrating Intersex Joy

Former BRICKS Digital cover star Dani Coyle (she/they) has launched a special 7-part podcast series for LGBTQ+ History Month.

People often assume that the world is divided into just two groups of people, male and female. Or that everyone’s biological and genetic characteristics fit into one of these categories. However, this isn’t always the case. Millions of people around the globe have sexual characteristics that fall outside the “typical” binary. Many of these people, although not all, identify as intersex.

According to experts, 1.7% of the population is born with natural differences in their sex characteristics. If this figure is to be believed, this would mean that there are over a million intersex people living today in the UK alone. If this is the case, it’s shocking that there is such a lack of understanding and education of the term.

Throughout history, the intersex community has been erased, medically, socially and hormonally. Something Dani Coyle aims to shed light on in their new podcast series Inter_view.

“For decades our bodies, self-determination, and histories have been hijacked by the medical academy, the state, and/or by our parents or carers.⁣ I hope that this project, in some small way, helps us regain some of that stolen voice, space, and autonomy,” Dani says.

I hope that this project, in some small way, helps us regain some of that stolen voice, space, and autonomy.

Dani Coyle
Sean Saifa
Anick Soni

In each episode, Dani introduces an exceptional member of the global intersex community, trailblazers and leaders within their respective fields. Guests include supermodel Hanne Gaby Odiele, rising star DJ Desiree, writer and star of Ponyboi, River Gallo, and Intersex twins Sasha and Sonia Komarova.

“I don’t want my tears in this recording to say to people that it’s a tragedy. I’m not crying because it was a tragedy – I am not a tragedy, none of us are.” Says Valen What was tragic if you like, is people’s reactions, and that’s on them. The tragedy of the situation sits on their shoulders, and it’s up to them to let go of that notion. Instead, be joyful for our existence, and give us space to feel joy in ourselves.”

Listen to Inter_view via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts.

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