Your Valentine’s Hot List Is Here

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we've rounded up our top picks of ultimate gifts to treat a partner, cheer up a mate or inject some self-love into your life.

If the last few challenging years have taught us anything, it’s who our loved ones are and how important it is to celebrate that affection and support, whether remotely or IRL. For those in long-term relationships, Valentine’s Day might be readily flagged in your 2022 calendar, already anticipating the holiday and its gifting affair. Perhaps you’ve already made a Pinterest board, started jotting notes on items your partner has pointed out or have frantically started scrolling their saved posts in hopes of inspiration.

But Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the love in our lives in all forms, so whether you’re looking to treat a partner, cheer up a mate or inject some self-love into your life, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the ultimate Valentine’s gift.

1. Tara Hakin Red Dress – £250, 2. Western Affair Gold Boots – £320, 3. Lifer x New Girl Order Britney Mix Dress – £110, 4. Zhilyova Apocalypse Boy Tears Top & Panties – £130 & £90, 5. Chopova Lowena Wool Skirt in Red – £1040, 6. Cult Gaia Joey Top – £375, 7. ISOSCELES Radicchio Babydoll Nightdress – £250, 8. SBA Label Remnant Dress No.9 – £190, 9. DONK Emo Crop Tank Top – £70, 10. Adam Jones Tetley’s Towel Grandad Vest – £198, 11. Rhi Dancey Lucky Dip Set – £38, 12. T Label Florence Valentine’s Pink Bra – £130.


We may be biased, but nothing can instil a sense of self-confidence and self-love like a perfect fit, especially when it comes to a date. So whether you’re shopping for your own date-night, or you want to gift an outfit-envy-worthy look to a loved one, we’ve got you covered. For daytime date plans, repurpose designer Lifer has collaborated with New Girl Order to create these one-of-one dresses, shirts and collars using NGO’s deadstock. Our personal favourite, featuring our girl Britney, is a total womaniser. For night, we’re opting for Tara Hakin‘s crimson column gown, or Chopova Lowena‘s signature skirt in rosy tones paired with some gold boots from Western Affair, and Cult Gaia‘s feathered halterneck.

Underwear is always a winner when it comes to this romantic holiday, and T Label has produced this limited-edition blush iteration of their best-selling glove bra especially. For a feminine look destined to suit all shapes and bodies, ISOSCELES babydoll’s adjustable straps and soft, sheer lilac fabric makes this piece effortlessly sexy. And while my family may have a rule that “pants are not presents”, Rhi Dancey begs to differ – with her lucky dip sets in various size options and colourways will inject some luxury into anyone’s underwear drawer.

1. Emma Brewin Valentine’s Bucket – £590, 2. Aisling Duffey Studio Upcycled Bag – £80, 3. Gucci Round Frame Pink Sunglasses – £279, 4. Acne Mohair Checked Scarf – £220, 5. Kurt Geiger Rectangle Resin Ring – £79, 6. Hand & Lock Embroidery The Lovers Tarot Card Patch – £17, 7. Katherine Scarlett Warm Brain Balaclava – £55, 8. UGG X Molly Goddard Slipper – £280, 9. Juicy Chews Rings – £40 each.


Another designer inspired by the romantic holiday, hat mogul Emma Brewin has launched an exclusive Valenties’ bucket hat, ideal for a romantic stroll through Primrose Hill, a hunt down Columbia Road Flower Market or a day-trip to Brighton Pier. Pair with a classic Acne wool scarf, or better yet, switch the bucket for this winter’s must-have accessory – the balaclava. There have been many iterations appear across runways and social media feeds alike, but my favourite comes from independent knitwear and jewellery designer Katherine Scarlett. And for when you return home, nothing says I love you like slipping into a pair of super-soft slippers, and this pair of Ugg x Molly Goddard ruby mules add a touch of excessive glamour to your beau’s loungewear attire, because everyone deserves to feel like royalty at home.

For the sustainably style-conscious, we’re currently loving Aisling Duffy‘s upcycled handbags to remind your lover of the star they are, and Hand & Lock‘s lover tarot card patch is ideal for the sewing-savvy among us. As we will for Spring to return, we’re already drooling over Gucci‘s latest sunglasses offerings designed to give the perfect rose-tint. And for jewellery, look no further than Juicy Chews quirky designs and Kurt Geiger‘s colourful jewel collection for ultimate oppulence.

1. Lazy Oaf Memorabilia Plate – £25, 2. Barbara Frankie Ryan Freshly Cut Flowers & Curvaceous Vessel – £55, 3. Sucker Nailz ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Set – £115, 4. Shoreditch Nails x Arganic Nail Oil – £12, 5. SSAW Why Buy Roses Poster – £15, 6. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum – from £55, 7. By Maza Dinner Duo Candles – £15, 8. Tara Collette Love Heart ‘Send Nudes’ Stained Glass – £25, 9. Pacifica Vegan Collagen Cleanser & Toner – £21 each, 10. Sage Flowers Seasonal Valentine’s Bouquet – from £60, 11. Crosstown Doughnut Valentine’s Selection – from £35, 12. BRICKS x Bimini Bon Boulash 2022 Calendar – £25, 13. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in So Marilyn – £25, 14. The Unseen Beauty Spectra – £33.

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Skincare has long been a self-care staple, and for many creatives, this routine may be their only time during a busy day to spend solely on themselves. For ultimate guilt-free TLC, the Pacifica Vegan Collagen toner and cleanser are made with 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, soothing skin and helping healthy skin rejuvenation for a glass-like appearance. Instagram cult favourite Sucker Nailz press-on sets are ideal for long-lasting wear. Pair with the Shoreditch Nails x Arganic nail oil for an extra thoughtful touch. Bestsellers are just that for a reason, and Charlotte Tilbury‘s red K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick is an absolute fail-safe for all makeup-wearers and The Spectra eyeliner from Unseen Beauty puts a new twist on the classic black eyeliner.

For those looking for a traditional gift, look no further than Sage Flowers seasonal bouquets specially designed for Valentine’s. However, this year we’re switching out the box of chocolates for Crosstown Doughtnut‘s holiday selection featuring candy apple, passion fruit and chocolate-hazelnut flavours. And finally, for the novelty gift-lovers, look no further than Lazy Oaf‘s memorabilia plate, or Tara Collette‘s cheeky love heart stained glass.

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