Is Scene-Kid Raccoon Hair Making a Comeback?

This '00s hair trend has seen a resurgence as it begins to be spotted on runways, fashion campaigns, and celeb posts. Will you rock it?

We all know by now that tumblr-era styles are having a renaissance, from grimey indie sleaze to Alexa Chung-inspired twee. This time, the trend cycle seems to be taking over with a resurgence of the classic scene-kid style, as it begins to be spotted on runways, fashion campaigns, and celeb posts.

For those who aren’t familiar, the hairstyle features dyed-in and contrasting horizontal hair highlights, often in bright colours and created using clip-in hair extensions. From the 00s until the early 2010’s, raccoon hair was often accompanied by extreme teasing and short, spiky layers, or a thick side bang. Now, however, the look is moving towards a more wearable, everyday style. 

Deto Black shot for Puss Puss Mag

This AW22 fashion season, Sam McKnight at 16Arlington sent models down the runway with subtle, glamorous blonde, orange, and black stripey highlights on sleek, straight hair. In Milan for Cormio’s first-ever runway show, models performed a rendition of “Sweet Dreams are Made of This” wearing clip-in neon green and orange clip-in extensions. Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs’ Heaven recently debuted its SS22 campaign starring Paloma Esseler, styled in a purple mini dress and fingerless with a long raccoon ponytail.

Elsewhere, Dua Lipa has repeatedly shown off her signature high-contrast striped blonde hair and rapper Deto Black has posted scene-kid style hair in blue, red, and blonde.

Will racoon hair continue its take over as the next big nostalgic trend? Well… it is the RAWRing 20s, after all.

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