Chapter Three of HARRI Celebrates the Beauty of Unity

BRICKS goes behind the scenes at NewGen designer HARRI's debut runway show.


HARRI’s runway debut at London Fashion Week continues his unique artistic approach to fashion, blurring the intersections of everyday clothing and wearable art. Embarking on the third instalment as a BFC NEWGEN recipient, the Indian-born designer’s spring-summer 24 collection elegantly combines his trademark extroverted proportions with his renowned tongue-in-cheek wit.

Drawing inspiration from esteemed sculptors Isamu Noguchi and Peter Shelton, chapter three of HARRI continues his journey of exploring texture and form. Models elegantly danced in his signature blown-up natural latex couture designs, which HARRI describes as symbolising unity while also championing the beauty of individuality through self-expression. 

Amongst the performers, space-age hooped shorts crafted in papyraceous stone fabric waltzed down the runway paired with lightweight button-down shirt jackets to mirror the grace and elegance of Noguchi’s work. Trench coats and blazers are reinterpreted with circular shoulders, while others are sharply defined. While inviting us to fantasise fresh facets of art and fashion, HARRI incorporates vibrancy into the spring-summer collection by featuring lime green bulbous dresses that reimagine the colour palettes traditionally associated with sculpture work. 

With his visionary and meticulous approach to design, HARRI’s latest offering continues to challenge convention, further pushing our understanding of sartorial artistry.

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