Introducing Alexandra: The Model ‘slash’ Philanthropist

Alexandra Kensington-Chelsea (Mayfair); she often drops the Mayfair as she doesn’t want people getting the wrong impression, has been making waves in the modelling. Not only due to her strong original look but her philanthropy, she really cares about the ‘environment and shit’, if you don’t believe us check out her Instagram. Originally hailing from West London, more importantly, Notting Hill, she has since made a move to East London to pursue her music career as she wanted people to take her seriously, because ‘being posh and pretty these days is such an impediment’. Her debut single ‘SA$$Y BI£CH’ is out now. 

With the second series of her online reality show underway – check it out on her Facebook page – we know there are big things on the way from this Amazonian creature, whether you like it or not. 

Editorial shot by Emma Breschi

Featuring Alexandra Kensington-Chelsea-Mayfair

Styling by Lucy Upton

Hair and Makeup by Paris