As she gears up to release her debut EP, the multitalented make-up artist-turned musician talks new challenges, Lana Del Rey and merging her offline and online lives.
On the heels of releasing their confessional second album, Glitch Princess, the future-pop artist talks virtual communities, digital intimacy, and finding identity on the internet.
For our 'Let's Evolve' print issue, Caroline Polachek chats with frequent collaborator A. G. Cook to discuss finding a new sense of freedom, hypnotic hieroglyphics and the evolution of the music industry.
The LA-based rapper, singer, director and artist is known for her provocative performances and pop club beats. Singing while tied up in Japanese shibari bondage, posing back-arched in mesh bodysuits or latex corsets, Brooke Candy has become an unapologetic ambassador of sexual and artistic freedom.