For our 'Let's Evolve' print issue, Caroline Polachek chats with frequent collaborator A. G. Cook to discuss finding a new sense of freedom, hypnotic hieroglyphics and the evolution of the music industry.
Everyone's favourite pop-goth darling discusses her highly anticipated new album, Cape God, her most radical and powerful yet with her friend Sasha Velour.
The LA-based rapper, singer, director and artist is known for her provocative performances and pop club beats. Singing while tied up in Japanese shibari bondage, posing back-arched in mesh bodysuits or latex corsets, Brooke Candy has become an unapologetic ambassador of sexual and artistic freedom.
South East London’s KEYAH/BLU brings honesty and uncensored rawness to the capital’s music scene, while carefully juxtaposing lightness and darkness through her art.
With her unapologetic feminist lyrics and tongue-in-cheek humour, GIRLI is the older sister we wish we had growing up. We caught up with the pink-haired musician to discuss all things girl power and her hopes and dreams for the future.
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