Watch the Second Episode of ‘Nadia Rose On The Road’

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Who is to say the next big discovery won’t come from a woman?

Nadia Rose

For Episode two of ‘Nadia Rose on the Road’, we head off to the beaten tracks to play two festivals in one day — delving deeper into the rapper’s co-dependent relationship with performance and sisterhood.

It comes as no surprise that there’s a real lack of gender equality in the British rap and grime scene, but Nadia Rose is breaking the mould, slamming all social constructs of what a successful rapper should ‘look like’. “I want the focus of Nadia Rose to be about the bars, how cute I look can come afterwards,” she laughs. Not only is the Croydon-native using her platform to smash stereotypes, she’s kickstarting new, necessary conversations about the placement of women in grime.

Watch the full episode below and discover how Nadia champions female empowerment.