Watch the Final Episode of ‘Nadia Rose On The Road’

In the third and final episode of Nadia Rose on The Road, we follow the sharp-tongued firecracker to Croatia for her performance at Outlook festival.

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While hopping from boat parties to the beaches on the Adriatic coast in sportswear, Nadia discusses the importance of embracing your roots and individuality. “I think the foundations of my identity comes down to my culture, parents and upbringing.” She continues, “I’m a London girl…we’re diverse. All that combined, made me, me.”

Although throughout the interview, she’s sat in the authoritative stance that society would describe as “Man-spreading, there’s no way she’s intimidating — she’s bold but carefree. Wearing her trademark hair bunches, she describes her personal style as comfortable, “That doesn’t mean cosy clothes, I’m just comfortable in what I’m wearing.”

Nadia Rose is the perfect example of someone who is unapologetically, grounded in her sense of self. Watch the full-episode of Croydon MC below, and discover how you too, can #DoYou.

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Nadia wears Puma, Muse Satin 2 throughout