Explore a Kaleidoscope of Colour with SENSERGY

BRICKS meets arts collective founder Clodie Worboys of SENSERGY as she debuts her new digital painting project.

Self-isolation has hit the vast majority of professions in unforeseen ways – forcing many to work from home, limiting access to necessary resources and preventing communication and connectivity between coworkers. While many of us have struggled to adjust to this new way of working, artists around the globe have been sharing their creative projects as a reminder of what can be created with only spare time and some imagination.

One such creative is Clodie Worboys, the founder of arts collective SENSERGY, who has used the group’s Instagram account to share her digital painting project 6 Days of Colour. Originally her final major project while studying creative direction for fashion at London College of Fashion, SENSERGY has now flourished into one of London’s most exciting creative collectives. SENSERGY (a combination of the words ‘sensory’ with ‘synergy’) produces work influenced by today’s ‘hybrid-reality’;  which is to explore the relationship between online and offline and how those two worlds can come together rather than separate.

Having already collaborated with fashion designer Sinead Gorey and Playstation’s new program Playable, there’s no doubt SENSERGY will continue pushing the boundaries of both digital and physical art. BRICKS chats with Clodie about her latest release of posters, fine art in the digital world and finding inspiration in self-isolation.

Besides self-isolation, what inspired the 6 days of colour project?

Besides self-isolation, 6 Days of Colour is an ongoing project where I have been exploring creating Digital Paintings, which all started from a commission I created a few months ago. I began to love experimenting with digital textures and colours to create something really beautiful- on screen. Since the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing took its toll, I thought what better way to launch the paintings than to introduce some colour into peoples lives over the course of 6 days. That’s when I reached the idea of ‘6 Days of Colour’, and featured them on @SENSERGY_.

How do you create your digital paintings?

I create them digitally by layering different textures, colours, and images. I treat each one as if I am painting or collaging, however on screen. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing took its toll, I thought what better way to launch the paintings than to introduce some colour into peoples lives over the course of 6 days.

Clodie Worboys

Many genres of art – printing, weaving, design, etc – have been digitised over the last several decades, yet fine art paintings has largely kept its analogue medium. What are the benefits of digitising this art form?

The benefits of creating digital paintings like this is firstly they are extremely sustainable – they do not require any physical materials and they can be instantly accessed. The craft of physical fine art paintings are so precious for their physical existence, however there’s also something very important in today’s day and age about articles that can be easily distributed and absorbed by the eyes of a much larger audience – instantly.

What has the reception been like? Have you experienced any pushback from traditional artists? 

The audience of SENSERGY is people that are interested in today’s digital world, so the reception has been extremely positive. However, I would welcome any feedback from traditional artists and am open for a discussion around the topic as I think it is a really interesting area to discuss.

Now, more than ever, seems like a great time to be producing digital art. Are there any drawbacks to the format? 

There are definitely some drawbacks, as they are not tangible paintings and do not have a physical existence. It would be great to admire them irl. But, then it is important to question if that is necessary for this particular project.

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

I am very excited to be part of an exhibition held at the Fashion Space Gallery, called Suprasemblance where I will be creating a piece on behalf of SENSERGY exploring the friction between our online and offline identities. 

At BRICKS we like to share the love – which three creatives within your community currently inspire you and why?

Estrid Åkermak

Estrid Åkermak is an artist from Stockholm who I discovered on Instagram around a year ago. We have worked together a few times now, I am a huge fan of Estrid’s work, she creates really charismatic avatars and other pieces influenced by todays digital realm, I love her approach and way of working. It is always such a pleasure to come across her work on my feed.  

Teresa Fogolari

Teresa Fogolari is an incredible 3D Artist who created the iconic Face Filters that I am sure you have all used, ‘Plastica’ and ‘Princess Carolyn’. It makes me so sad that Instagram have removed these wonderful AR artworks, but Teresa has bounced back and just released a new filter called ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and I cannot wait to see what she has next up her sleeve.

Sai Aya

Sai Aya is a 3D artist who specialises in Digital textures, and I am obsessed with her work. Her ability to transform materials and scenes into the digital realm is a talent one of a kind. Her textures would trick anyone into thinking they were real, but instead have been intricately designed by Sai and rendered into precious outcomes that everyone should check out. 

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