The BRICKS Colouring Book is Here to Keep You Occupied in Lockdown

Here's how you can get your hands on the free printable we've made in collaboration with 18 queer, non-binary and female-identifying artists.

The BRICKS the ‘Stay At Home Edition‘ will be available as a free downloadable PDF in an aim to support artists in our community during COVID-19 and will go out tomorrow (Friday 24th) in our community newsletter.

Produced in-house and co-created by BRICKS contributor Wee Moody Judy, the publication features exclusive illustrations by 18 artists from around the globe including Wednesday Holmes, Are We Nearly Bare yet and Tobi the Kid, to name but a few.

“We wanted to find a way to support members of our creative community during this difficult time,” Says Tori West, the editor and creator of BRICKS. “However, we also want to support our audience and help them stay occupied at home. We recognise that a lot of people are also experiencing financial limitations, hence why we wanted to make this zine as accessible as possible, with an option to donate to the artists if you’re able.”

“A colouring book does not require much from you, it only asks you to feed it with colour to watch it grow and come to life – it’s a grounding experience.” Says Wee Moody Judy.

In celebration of its release tomorrow, we’ve created a free 30-day trial to our BRICKS community membership programme, so as well as receiving the BRICKS ‘Stay at Home Edition‘ colouring book, you’ll also receive access to a free digital copy of our latest ‘The Rise Together’ Issue with Sasha Velour.

“We’re hoping by making these copies accessible, it will encourage our audience to relax and learn at home, but also provide a much-needed dose of optimism and a sense of community during this difficult time.” West continued.

“As a general consensus, but especially during times of hardship, the Queer, Female Identifying and Non-Binary community can often feel neglected and undernourished by the world and society outside of our community,” Judy tells us.

“These feelings are surely heightened by the very physical reality of self-isolation and the closing doors of Queer Spaces. But this does not mean that our community ceases to exist, nor does it mean that every door has been shut. This colouring book is a stage not only for its audience to enjoy, but to share and to show off the queer community’s our collective talents.”

Alongside their illustrations, the print includes information on how you can help each artist during this precarious time along with their PayPal details to accept donations for their work.

The colouring book will go out with our community newsletter this Friday 24th for our audience to print and enjoy at home; we’ve also temporarily wavered the fees for our paid community membership programme to encourage you #stayhome, read and relax. Those who sign up will also get a free digital copy of our current ‘The Rise Together’ issue.

You can sign up for free 30-day access to our community membership here.