Let’s Talk About Sex Magick

Our go-to witch guru Jade Mordente explains the mystikal powers of sex magick.

WORDS Jade Mordente

Witchcraft 101: everything we do with intention is a spell. That could be as simple as cooking a nutritious meal, as normal as carrying out a nightly skincare routine, or as fun as using the power of your orgasm to make your dreams become a reality. I’m being totally serious. The term ‘Sex Magick’ evokes different reactions in everyone. Usually there’s an “oh”, perhaps followed by a fleeting vision of me and my fellow witches sacrificing scared men in a forest. Most of the time, of course, people want to know more because they want to try it themselves. And why wouldn’t you? We all practice sex, most of us – intentionally or unintentionally – practice manifestiation, so let’s make those two worlds collide and have some fun with it. 

Sex Magick is conscious, mindful sex. It’s cultivating energy, through sex, and directing that energy to a specific source. It can be practiced by anyone, anytime – alone or with a partner(s). It’s not much different than sex without the ‘magick’, the ‘magick’ (k intended) just means we are doing it with the intention that the Universe listens, and reacts accordingy. Now, I’m not saying one orgasm is going to make you win the lottery or get you that promotion at work, but what I am saying is that it can help. Just like any other spell we practice, we are creating an intention, asking the Universe to make it happen, and if our intentions come from a good, honest place, the Universe has a funny little way of figuring it out for us – usually in the most unexpected ways. 

The foundation of Sex Magick is exploration and experience, learning to connect with both your spiritual and sensual self on a much deeper level to transform and enrich your sexual mindset. As a form of spellwork, you might like to treat Sex Magick as you would any other ritual and set up the space; smudging to cleanse the energy, lighting coloured candles, sprinkling salt as a form of protection from any bad juju. If you’re completely new to spellwork, keep it simple and do whatever feels right for you to get into it. When you’re ready, start to think about your goal – what you are trying to achieve with this? If you’re doing this with a partner then discuss your combined goal together. Make sure it’s clear in your mind, and then get started, visualising it repeatedly throughout. Imagine the energy you are creating is radiating from your body, supercharging the intention you’ve set and sending it up to the Universe with force. It’s really as simple as that. 

If you are into this idea and want to give it a try, here are some of my favourite sex-positive platforms to help you get cosmically-connected whilst in isolation. 


A pioneer in the sex-meets-spiriuality movement over the last few years, Chakrubs was a leader in making Sex Magick feel relevant, inclusive and accessible to everyone. Sex toys made from healing crystals, what more could a witch want? 

Possibly the perfect isolation accessory is the Chakrubs Method Book. It’s a four-part workbook developed to help you redefine how you experience pleasure, with guided visualisations, journaling sections and information on the body’s energy systems. It helps you create a more meaningful, and transformative relationship with your Chakrubs (aka your crystal sex toy). 

There’s now a digital version (available here) which I’d recommend at the moment as Chakrubs is US based. 


The ultimate sexual wellness app – Ferly is you audio guide to mindful sex. 

With sexual self-care at the centre, Ferly brings sensual stories, sex education and expert-lead thought-pieces together to help womxn explore eroticism, prioritise pleasure and cultivate confidence. With daily pleasure reminders, filters to suit your specific desires and even a writing feature to help you craft your own stories, Ferly redefines how we explore ourselves in masturbation. Slowing things down, keeping us present, ensuring consent at every step. Yes, please.

Download Ferly for free. 

Temple of the Feminine 

A lot of us womxn carry sexual shame. It’s taken me a lot longer than necessary to write this article, for example, cause I didn’t want to sound ‘too much’. It’s a common theme and one a lot of us – myself included – are trying to shake. 

Amy runs Temple of the Feminine, a platform dedicated to helping us heal sexual shame, reclaim our sexuality and awaken ourselves sensually. After attending one of her online workshops, I spoke to Amy about her own journey and practice with sex magick. 

I discovered sex magic through my own self-pleasure and exploration journey. It is a powerful ritual to support you in releasing the binds of social conditioning around masturbation and connect you back to your pure, erotic energy and its unlimited potential. Through sex magic, we return to the truth that being a sexual being is so much more than just about sex. It’s about being in our full sovereignty and empowerment, co-creating with the universe to design our own life.

Amy, founder of Temple of the Feminine

Amy guides a potent ritual online every fortnight. You can find all the details and sign up here

The Future of Sex Lab, Wheel of Foreplay 

Created in response to the world’s isolation boredom Wheel of Foreplay by Future of Sex Lab is everything we need and more. With options for those going it alone, long distance lovers or couples ready to experiment at home, Wheel of Foreplay offers a lighthearted solution to sex struggles in lockdown. Giving the wheel a spin is a safe, fun way to introduce safe, new sexual experiences. 

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